Catch Up

First, I am a very blog owner at this point :(
So, I am going to catch up on everything that has happened in January and the first week of February in one mega post :D

Eternity Magazine
I know I have already posted on this, but it was the 'main event' if you will of January, so I'll just go over it one more time :D

After a break of 14months, the infamous Eternity Magazine came back on the 4th of Jan 2010. And it certainly came back with a bang.
If you don't know the story already, google 'Stardoll Eternity Magazine Comeback' and you will find all the goss on the matter, but let's focus on the actual magazine, eh? While the graphics could not compete with Fierce or Influence, for a first try they were very good. he articles were interesting enough, nothing out of the ordinary though. Perez's article was a brilliant exclusive, but all in all I am still a Fiercy :D

Haus Of Sin

It is a bit weird blogging about a blog, but trust me Haus of Sin has had it's drama since it opened, and nothing changed in the early weeks of 2010.
It started with the HOS Lookbook. The idea was 10-15 'looks' each month made by one of Stardoll's up and coming graphic designers Manolo Di Cicco (Manolo.DiCicco).

But unfortunately less than a week later the end of HOS Lookbook was announced, due to Monolo leaving the project to join Runway Magazine. During this time there was a small tiff about who can use what mails between the blog's current writer Blake Tanner and the blogs previous owner Alice (Hunnigall), that was sparked by a post suggestion Style Magazine may make a comeback (which was later confirmed to be, sadly, untrue.)

A few weeks later and it was announced Tylerisbold's blog The Stardoll Freakshow and Haus of Sin are going to colab, and gave us an exclusive interview with Eternity's creator Writemarycat, along with a few pics. HOS also brought us some exclusive pics from the now dead Runway Magazine, which you can find here.

To finish off this month and a bit of Sinning, Chace aka Nojarama, anounced he was creating his own awards called... wait for it.. The Awards. These awards will take place every three months and have three seperate cat's, starting with The Glossies: The Magazine Awards. Judges, Sponsers and Awards can be found here and details on voting can be found here.

The Bravest Guy on Stardoll
I'm sure you all had your own opinions on the famous 'Scandal' that was DanPuffs apperntly being a girl. But Dan put down all his haters last week by releasing a video 'proof' (and I have say, Bravo. I could never put a picture of myself up on this site knowing how many haters there are out there, never mind a video. Bravo.)
To see the real DanPuffs go here

The FreakShow Awards

I think I'm loiking the sound of these, even by the name. The Freak Show awards are another new awards created by Tylerisbold. Not many details have been confirmed atm, but in the spoiler (Go to for all direct goss and spoilers) there are a few catorgories that can be seen, such as:

Monstrous Magazine
Abnormal Artist
Social Psycho
Berserk Blog
Media Mutant
Finest Male Medoll
Finest Female Medoll
Freakiest Male Medoll
Freakiest Female Medoll
Outlandish Outhouses
Fantasy Fringed

(Credit to Stardoll's Most Wanted).

It was also announced on PSG that the voting will be slightly different. While 3/5 Nominees will be cosne by us, 2/5 Nominees will be chosen by the jugdes, and definately will not be elites. I personally love this idea, apart from the fact all of the judges are actually 'famous' themselves, but I hope they stick to there word and find the hidden stars of Stardoll, rather than just looking at the obvious.

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