50 Mill in a Week!

Well, I was just being bored on Stardoll yesterday, when I noticed the members were going up quite fast, quite often. So today I took screen shots every few minutes for about 30mins, and look!

I am a week, so I did all the maths If it continues like this, we are likely to have 50mill members by next Tuesday!

So, the Q is, do you think SD will do something special, or just rip us off?

Feb Hotbuys


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Help Haiti!

Hey everyone
I'm sure you all know about the tragidy in Haiti, so rather than depress you with the devestation, here is an easy link how to help!

CLICK HERE to donate via iTunes to the American Cross which help Haiti.

And my friend (courtsdiva97) has a club raising awareness, so go there now!


Sowwwwy ;(

As a few close friends will know thye full story, I will saythe quick version.
Im stuck in England cause my boyfriend cracked his head open.

I will be back home in a few days, and will bge blogging madly then to nmake up for my absence!

I never thought I'd say this but...

I'm begining to love Stardoll again!

First, they gave us the gift of this amazing new StarDesign dress...

Then, I log into my email and find this waiting for me...

This is the text close up...

Stardoll does care! About the animals, at least ;D

Mack xx

New Decade of Teens

First, sorry for my lack of posts! It has been a mixture of laziness, nothing interesting and start of school. But I will try and blog more ;D

Thanks for people following, btw. I feel loved ;DD

With all that outta the way, I just wanted to say that the new decade of teens clothes are LUSH! I love them, way better than the previous ones I must say.

To visit the starrplaza click HERE then go to the Decade of Teens store to see all the new creations!

Love ya's,
Mack xxx

My first ever hair graphic

It's pretty crap, lmao.
The model is Roxy x

Where is the 'line' in this mad, pixelated world?

Now, regular readers of this blog will know I do not like to gossip. I am not 'elitest' and have no interest in that 'people being better just because of their popularity' shit. But something in the world of Stardoll has bothered me, and I would like to know what you guys think.

As you saw in an earlier post, the infamous 'E' magazine has been released, after over a year's break. The covergirl for this issue is Mel, or bluegreen86. Mel has always been very nice to me, and is a very pleasant person to talk to, so I was glad to see her on the cover. And the magazine is stunning, to say the least. I am still a Fierce fan thorugh and through, but 'E' was fairly enjoyable. The only complaint I had when I first flicked through was that the CG photoshoot used Faux Fur, but I as I reader did not know this until I thoroughly read through the CG interview. But other than that, it did not dispoint.

However, when I logged on to Stardoll about 20minutes ago, and checked my favourite blogs, I saw that someone had a bigger problem with the covergirl photoshoot. Now, if you want all the 'Gory' details about past SD fueds, endless theories to why a certain person was let's say fairly angry at a few E staff members, and want to see screen shots of those Guestbook comments, please do check out Perez, HOS or one of the many other gossip blogs here on the web. But I am going to just state the facts.

-Mel is a 15 year old girl.
-One of her close friends thought it inapropriate how she was shown in 'E' and expressed it to a staff member who has now announced they have quit.
-Mel then expressed her concern about the issue.

Since, to me at least, the only person who matters in this entire 'scandal' I will post the exact quote found in the comments of 'E'.

Wow this issue is great and a good way to prove E is finally back!

As the Covergirl I am just a bit shocked. I thought we discussed what I was comfortable with, in our long talk on skype, and I thought only the cover was going to be nude. I didnt think the pose would be as sensual and out there either. I had no idea I would be only wearing fur in my photoshoots, and be nude in each one. I also was under the impression that you would make it clear I was wearing faux fur, and not real fur, but it doesn’t mention that anywhere.

I just feel like this isn’t who I am, and im sorry that im a bit disappointed and flustered, but I really cannot control it.

I have already been getting mail from close friends of mine, who are upset with how I was portrayed and I cannot say I disagree.

It was really such an honor and great experience to work with the E team, and you all are such great people with amazing amounts of talent, it just stinks that it has to turn out this way.

After I read all about this story in blogs, guestbooks and in the comments sections of many popular SD blogs, I looked through the magazine once again. I then saw exactly why her friend made those comments. Like I said, Mel is 15. I know this is only a virtual world and blah blah blah, but she is still 15. Those photoshoots showed her wearing nothing but fur and high heels. Doesn't that sound a bit... unproper? What's more, when I look at those graphics I don't see Mel, who I admire hugely for her fashion sense. I see... well, I really don't like to be cruel, but to me those photoshoots are tacky. If Mel herself was happy with this, I would have not even posted about this issue. But she isn't. She clearly is not comfortable with the outcome, and Mel being the amazingly polite, kind girl she is, seems very unhappy with the result, but doesn't want to hurt anyones feelings.

And yes, again, I know this is all just pixels. There's nothing illegal about it. Yeh yeh yeh. But imagine how you woud feel if this were you? And why does almost every magazine have to use low cut tops and short dresses just to be apealing?

All in all, I think it is ashame even in a virtual world people are still fixated on this media idea of 'Perfection'.

Over and out, Mack x

Eternity Released!

Review coming soon.
Until then click HERE to read the first comeback issue of Eternity!

New Year, New Decade, New IB Awards.

Hello everyone!
How have you all been!

Before the new year, I asked you to tell me what would make the awards better. And you all seemed to agree that we needed more awards for different things. And that is what you have!

After dicussing it with a few friends, and thinking it over myself, we now have a total of 15 Inner Beauty Awards, that are split into two catogories.

First Catogory - You Nominate
There are ten awards YOU can nominate for;

The Best Female Role Model Award –
The Best Male Role Model Award –
The Most Inspirational Person Award –
The Most Creative MeDoll and Outfits Award –
The Most Original Suite Award –
The Most Creative Scenery Maker Award –
The Most Creative Non-Superstar -
The Most Dedicated Club Owner Award –
The Most Dedicated Blog Award –
The Inner Beauty Award –

To nominate go to the 'Nominate Here' Topic in the club by clicking HERE

The Second Catogory - Nominate Yourself
This catogory has Five awards.
The Best Song Writer
The Most Creative Story
The Best Make Over
The Best Graphic Designer
The Best Magazine

These awards you can put yourself up for by going to the The_IB_Awards ACCOUNT and adding her. More information will be coming soon on her presentation.

To Visit her click HERE

The Magazine's Are A-Coming!

This month seems to be the month of magazines!
Some of the top Stardoll magazines have been released and are going to be released in the coming weeks!

Eternity Magazine (To Be Released)

If you haven't heard of Eternity I really don't know where you have been! Eternity used to e the biggest mag on Stardoll, and after a year long break is back! It was supposed to be getting released in Dec, but now the official release date is the Third of Jan! I personally can't see how anything can ever top Fierce, Graphics wise, but you never know!

D Magazine (To Be Released)
D Magazine seems to have run under the surface of Stardoll for a while. Spoilers have been released slowly, and not much hype has been created. But maybe that is the secret to a great magazine. If there is too much hype, there can always be disapointments.

RUNWAY Magazine

Fierce Magazine

Again, if you haven't heard of Fierce you can't be helped. Fierce, to me, is the high flyer of the SD Magazines, Graphics Wise at least. The third issue was released this December, and while it was stunning, I must say the Halloween issue was still my favourite to date.

The End of Gavin and Stacey ;(

Only people from the UK will get this,
But I am very sad ;(

No more Smithy Robots, Nessa Oh's and Gwen's Omlettes!

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