The Magazine's Are A-Coming!

This month seems to be the month of magazines!
Some of the top Stardoll magazines have been released and are going to be released in the coming weeks!

Eternity Magazine (To Be Released)

If you haven't heard of Eternity I really don't know where you have been! Eternity used to e the biggest mag on Stardoll, and after a year long break is back! It was supposed to be getting released in Dec, but now the official release date is the Third of Jan! I personally can't see how anything can ever top Fierce, Graphics wise, but you never know!

D Magazine (To Be Released)
D Magazine seems to have run under the surface of Stardoll for a while. Spoilers have been released slowly, and not much hype has been created. But maybe that is the secret to a great magazine. If there is too much hype, there can always be disapointments.

RUNWAY Magazine

Fierce Magazine

Again, if you haven't heard of Fierce you can't be helped. Fierce, to me, is the high flyer of the SD Magazines, Graphics Wise at least. The third issue was released this December, and while it was stunning, I must say the Halloween issue was still my favourite to date.

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4 January 2010 at 02:32

I missed the parties :/
The graphics look amazing though!

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