Eternity Spoiler!


I'm in the Best & Worsed dressed list on PerezHilton!

...But I was on the worst list.
Oh well, everyone's gotta start somewhere ;D

Swinsuits in Winter?

The Dress Is Lsuh Though ;D

My Designs!

Hey all!
I just made a few designs and wanted to know if you would buy any of them if I decided to put the on sale!

Hey everyone!
This is my second Fashion Evaluation, so let me know if you want me to continue them!

1. Hotbuys Silver Dress (RIO)
It's alright. Very simple. And much like a few LE dresses, the length is too long to be flattering.

2. Hotbuys Purse (PRETTY IN PINK)
I'm not a very big fan of any of the Hotbuys purses tbh. It's quite Christmas-y, little late Stardoll, don't you think?

3. Hotbuys Shoes (VOILE)
I love these!Stardoll has got so much better at shoes recently! I used to hate most of the shoes on Stardoll, but these show that Stardoll has been improving, in one area at least LOL.

4. Hotbuys Tights (EVIL PANDA)
They're nice to look at, but I really can't imagine any outfits... If anyone has any ideas say below ;D

5. Hotbuys Coat (BISOU)
I adore this! Perfect winter Jacket! I wish this was released last month though, in time for Christmas!

6. Hotbuys Dress (BISOU)
I like this. The shape is quite nice, and the pattern is cute.

7. Hotbuys Cardiganv(PRETTY IN PINK)
I love this! Very pretty!

8. Hotbuys Top (FUDGE)
Simple. Cute.

9. Hotbuys Braclet (VOILE)
Like this. A bit out there but I like it!

10. Hotbuys Wrap (RIO)
Hmm. I bit too... Elite? If that makes sense.

Merry (Late) Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing christmas!
I must say I think I ha my best one yet ;D

Update on Louis Vuitton store. Looks like it is a fake made by someone on Stardoll! Well, whoever it was, has TALENT, as those clothes were shockingly amazing!

OMG! OMG! OMG! Part 3

I was just looking at the real life versions of these, and saw that they are from the Spring 2009 Collection. Which means it is very unlikely it will actually get released.
I wonder what happened? I mean the store is THERE, but if it has been released even for a minute surely SOMEONE would've seen them!
Very confusing. Very, very confusing.
What do you think happened?

M x

OMG! OMG! OMG! Part 2

I promised pictures ;D
I will upload the reallife collection soon x


Louis Vuitton is heading to Stardoll!
Pictures coming soon ;D

New Magazine Alert!

The name is Passion Magazine. It is co-owned by a friend on Stardoll, and when I saw this teaser I just had to show you guys!
I'm not sure of the realese date, but when I find out I will update!
What do you think of the spoiler?

Mack x

I know it's late but...

RIP Brittany Murphy.
Very sad.

Mack xxx

Star Awards so far....

Best Female Medoll of the Year

Best Male Medoll of the Year

Best Dressed Medoll of the Year

Best Suite of the Year

Social Butterfly of the Year

Best Magazine of the Year

Best Blog
The Stardol Insiders

Best Graphic Designer

Special Achievement Awards

I will update as they are announced ;D

Star Awards

One hour till kick off, if you see what I mean.

Thanks again for everyone who nominated TheRealSA, it does mean a lot!

Some things are just meant to be featured...

This is one of my favourite presentations ever.
theSailor is her name (why do I like that username?)

Visit her, she seems awseoum ;D


I'm guessing this is for the Moodi Wear competition.

My LE Review

Hey everyone! This is my review of the latest LE collection. I am only going to review the clothes items, but I will pick out my favourite bags & shoes aswell.

1. Studded Feather Dress
I love the ruffels on this, very Showgirl, but classy. But for me this dress is just too long to be flattering. I wish it had been cut off just above the knee, and then it could have been my favourite dress in the whole collection!

2. Ultimate Part Dress
Personally, I am't that fond of this dress. There is something almost armour like to it, and the one shoulder just doesn't work. I think if the dress had been sequined rather than tiled, and without the one shoulder, it could've been fantastic.

3. Silver Feather Dress
I adore this! Very Gladiator, if you get what I mean, but still girly. And the detail is simply stunning.

4. Runway Tee
My favourite tee from the collection. Sort of like one of thatgirlsophy's designs. Stylish yet casual. Love. It.

5. Sara Leggins
Nothing special. Not very flattering. I do like the sequin effect, but somehow I just don't think it works.

6. Lara Laced Body Con
I like this. Not love, but like. It is a modern spin on the Little Black Dress. Nice.

7. Lily Studded Vest
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. It's very rock chick. Very glam. I love how it is inspired by a waistcoat, but is actually a top... If that makes sense? Anyway, LOVE.

8. Midnight Draped Dress
I do like this. The ruffel and ribbon detail is very nice, but it isn't a very 'Young' dress, if you see what I mean. Pretty.

9. Blue Star Dress
I think this is one of the more 'Teen' dresses. By that I mean it seems aimed at a lot younger market. It's nice, but I wish it was a luttle shorter.

10. Floral Sweater Dress
J'adore! It's gorgeous. I love the pattern, and the length is perfect. Not too casual, not too smart. Love.

11. Padded Chain Link Dress
It's nice. A slight variation of the LBD. It's like a blank canvas almost, as in it is nice and plain to give room for accessories ect. A great dress for those creative types.

12. Sheer Tatoo Rose Tee
Not very imaginative, I muust say. Nice enough, although I amn't a big fan of see through clothing. Again, to me this seems more a young teen type of top.

13. Fun Girls Dress
I think it says it all in the name. Cute, girly. Adore the colour and the pockets. Love ;)

Please comment on this post and say whether you would like me to continue with a part two tommorow!


I know I know, I said I wouldn't do that many competitions. And I won't. I just wanted to try one to see how it would go.

So I am thinking about once a month there will be a competition to create the most unique outfit with items from only one shop. As you may have guessed from the pic above, December's Shop is Miss Sixty.

Dress up your MeDoll in the most creative outfit you can make using ONLY items from the Miss Sixty Shop, Take a Print Screen of your doll (Can be in the Starplaza if you can't buy the items you want to use) and post a link in the comments below.

The prize? Since this blog isn't really about comps, the prize is small. You get one gift of your choice (Under 25sd) and you get featured on the blog!

Good Luck xx

Winner of Inner Beauty Awards 2009...

Firstly, I apologize for not posting! My internet thought it would be a great idea to stop working for a couple of days (When LE cam out, funny enough).
Anyways, after days of voting, here are YOUR winners for The Inner Beauty Awards 2009...

Best Male Role Model;
WINNER - Danger.11
2ND PLACE - Tylerisbold
3RD PLACE - John2_el_mejor

Best Female Role Model;
WINNER - MissMackenzie07 (THANKYOU!)
2ND PLACE - Farahhh.
3RD PLACE - Hunnigall

Best Club;
WINNER - TheRealSA (Thankyou!)
2ND PLACE - Addicting.
3RD PLACE - TheBookHouse

Best Blog;
WINNER - Underneath Stardoll
2ND PLACE - The Stardoll FreakShow
3RD PLACE - Art-Roger

Most Inspirational Person;
WINNER - TheRealSA (Thankyou!)
2ND PLACE - AskJeeves.
3RD PLACE - Hunnigall

The Greatest Achievment;
WINNER - MissMackenzie07 (THANKYOU!!!)
2ND PLACE - BlueGreen86
3RD PLACE - Hunnigall

The Inner Beauty Award 2009;
WINNER - i_luvsports
2ND PLACE - hottpink12
3RD PLACE - pengi223

Congrats to all the winner, and thankyou to everyone who voted or nominated!
Come back in 2010 for the brand new IB awards!

Love Mack x

More LE!

To see the full collection go to Underneath Stardoll

New Le

I was scepitical at first. I thought, NO WAY would Stardoll realese LE so soon after what I would call the best season after. But then I looked through the collection, and OMG it IS LE. Why? The detail, the work. it is STUNNING. So why does that equal LE I hear you ask? Well, simple reason. Stardoll would not put that much work into something that they will not get big out of. Sad, but true. Anyways, LE or no LE, these are just a few of my favourites and the ones I am hoping to purchase in the NEAR future! (More Coming Soon ;D)

New L.E. is coming....

Pictures coming soon ;D

Ta Da!

I hope you all like the new Blog Layout, I worked really hard on it!
Anyways, I will be posting more about the new log soon, so come back soon ;D


The blog layout is messed up atm, will fix as soon as I figure out how!

I asked, you talked...

And I am hoping I listened correctly!

But first, some rambelings from Mackenzie ;D
I was thinking, why does everyone want a popular blog? Then it hit me, like a frisbee hitting an old lady (I sincerely apologize, I just finished watching Russel Howards Good News and am a little hyped). Having a powerful blog means power. Look at a blog like Perez. Getting featured on there pretty much guarentees some form of popularity. The problem with that? None, until you look at the people who get featured. The Elites. These are people who have already been recognised for their 'brillance'. Now, I have to hand it to Dan, he has feautured a few non-elites and gave credit where credit is due. But most of the blogs don't. Most seem to feature the same people or the same blogs every day. It's like an obssession, almost. Anyway, like I was saying, Popular Blog = Power. Because if you own or write for a popular blog, you get to basically pick who will be popular and what will be successful. Just like real life, really.

With that in mind, let's go back to what you guys think! A few of you said 'Gossip' was the way to go, but I have decided against it. 'Gossip' usually leads to bitching, and I really don't want to be that type of person, so no. No gossip.

There will be a lot of me in the blog. Makes sense, I know, but I will be letting you guys see what I like outside of SD (Music, Art, Ect) so watch out ;D I will also show you the spoilers I like. I guess in a way it is selfish, but if you want all of them you can go to Underneath Stardoll. I wil also be doing Guides to Stardoll, how to spend your money wisely, ect.

Well, I feel a bit sick atm which is a sign of looking at the laptop for too long, so I'm off.
Bye bye ;D

THIS is talent ;D

To the person who commented on the post 'Photos'...

Big Bang Theory Rocks ;D
Best Episode Ever!

Sorry, Had to be done ;D

Tips for... becoming covergirl!

EVERYONE wants to be covergirl! So here are my Top 5 Tips for becoming Covergirl!
Note; this obviously won’t work on your first day! It will take weeks, even months! It might not even happen. But be patient. You will make a lot of good friends in the mean time!

1. Comment, Comment, Comment!
I can’t stress this enough! The best way to get people to your page is by visiting them and leaving nice comments! Tell them what you think of their Suite, MeDoll, and Sceneries, even vote THEM covergirl! But make sure not to be insincere. People will see through it, and will most likely just ignore you.

2. DON’T ask strangers to vote for you!
This is another BIG one. There is NOTHING more annoying than someone sending you a GB message or friends request asking you to vote them covergirl. If you want to ask people, ask your close friends in a nice PERSONAL message, or broadcast.

3. DON’T bribe!
Why would you want to win because people are greedy? In my opinion winning by bribing isn’t winning at all. And there is a lot of risk in this. You could just get people telling you they vote, but not actually doing it. And if you do win, you can get people accusing you of giving the prize to your own account. Plus, I know nearly all of my friends get sick of all these people bribing and purposely don’t vote those who bribe. So to sum up, please don’t do it!

4. Take care in your MeDoll AND Suite!
Remember when people visit you they don’t just vote straight away! They usually take a look round your ‘House’ and see what type of clothes/rooms you have. And if they aren’t impressed, they don’t vote! Simple! I know this can be a hard one fro Non SS, or even SS with a little amount of money. But trust me, with all the freebies and cheap items you can collect around Stardoll, and a little bit of originality and imagination, your efforts WILL come through!

5. Know when you deserve it.
This is my biggest problem with most people who ask me to vote them. If you have only been on Stardoll for a few weeks or months, you aren’t very likely to get voted. Why? Because there are some members that have been on for YEARS and have never even been recognised never mind Covergirl, and when they see people with say 200 Starpoints saying it is their dream for Covergirl, it will get them annoyed. I would say stick around on Stardoll for about a year before attempting it. Make true friends, build a club or two. And by the time you start trying, you will find there are plenty of people who want to see you succeed!

Well, I hope this helps a few people, and good luck!
Mack x


Incase you DIDN'T know...

Hey all! Sorry I havn't posted for a few days, have been busy celebrating end of exams/christmas shopping! Anyways, I thought I would just do a post on all the things that have happened that I thought were too 'obvious' to post about.

Yes, it has happened. Eternity Magazine is back and it is promising to be better than ever. For Stardoll Newbies, Eternity was one of Stardoll's 'Must Have' magazines in 2008. With a total of 5 issues, Eternity was last released in November 2008. Now, just over a year later, Eternity has made it's come back, but a few changes in staff, which has caused let's say a little contraversy, and I believe is actually the source of the recent Haus of Sin breakup. Well, December is coming to an end and with still no realese date, I am not sure whether to be excited for the E Comeback or not. Magazines like Fierce have really stepped up the SD Magazine industry, and while E was amazing in it's day, I am not sure if it will be improved enough to keep up with today's high standard.

New Beginings
This past few months has seen a lot of comeback and opening in the Stardoll world. With much loved oldies like Perez showing their faces in the blogging world, and E in the magazine, there has also been a few break throughs. Cosmic Fever of Stardoll is my new favourite blog, created by a few of my favourite people on Stardoll (MadWorld and Star_Awards to name a few) this blog was set out to be a success from the go! Another blog that was set to be a succes was Haus of Sin. Unfortunately, over the past few days, the blog has kinda went Meltdown, and it looks like two of the three founders are gone. It is a pitty, but if I am bruttally honest I think Alice (Hunnigall) will survive, as her other blogs and her magazine is going swimingly well, and she didn't really need HOS in the first place. Chace however seems to have came off badly in this, with most people seeming to be taking Mia's side. I don't want to judge since I honestly don't know any of them that well. I just feel bad this argument has been splashed across the SD world, because maybe if it hadn't they could have worked it out. Pitty.

Christmas Time Baby!
And Stardoll is sucking up BIG TIME. With some of the best clothes I have seen in a long time, the Design Comp and the new 'Parties' feauture being released, Stardoll is trying to make up for the whole '1sd' massacar. But can they be forgiven that easily? No chance. With all the Calender Items getting severly messed up, and what seems to be a load of bullshit about how they are trying to stop bullying, SD is digging themselves a mighty hole. I know I sound a bit harsh, but from experience I know Stardoll has a VERY lapse attidtude towards bullying, and I for one am pretty sick of it.

May add more later. Am V tired and should be sleeping!

Kisses, Mack x


My friend interviewed me for her blog, so here is the link x


Magazine Maddness.

Well, I am sure you all know that over tha past year Magazines have been hitting Stardoll left, right and centre! Nearly everyone on Stardoll seems to be connected to if not own a magazine. So I thought I would talk you through a few of my personal faves, and tell you who I think will be running the SD Magazine Industry in 2010!

Fierce Magazine

If you haven't heard of 'Fierce' yet I have no idea where you have been the last six months! Created by Alice (Hunnigall) and Mika (Mik-Ma), Fierce is not only visually stunning, obviously, but also has some great articles and amazing Covergirls. Fierce is DEFINATELY the magazine to watch for 2010, and I for one can't wait for the Christams/Paris issue due out this December!
Overall, Fierce gets a full on 10/10

Cyanide Magazine

One of the lesser known magazines on Stardoll, but I think it is finally starting to get the recognotion it deserves! With some amazing graphics, great make up tips and a few snappy articles, Cyanide is definately another to watch for the future! I give Cyanide 9/10

Poison Magazine

Another stunning magazine, but with a little extra, Poison is full of bright, bold graphics and great articles! I love Poison as it is fresh, and as the July Cover shows it is definatly not trying to be a copy cat! Poison has had two fantastic issues, and I wish it many many more! I give Poison 10/10

Colour Gloss Magazine
Colour Gloss is Bright, Short and Snappy! Everything a tweeny would want from a Stardoll magazine! With some great graphics, advice and make-up tips, I wish Colour Gloss the best in getting out into the big wide world of Stardoll Magazines and getting to the top. I give Colour Gloss 9/10!
Ps, To See a Spoiler for the December Issue of Colour Gloss, Click HERE

Recherche Magazine

Recherche is definately one of the most consistant SD mags, with 8 great issues, which is more than most! Some of the graphics are stunning, and it definately worth a look. I give Recherche Magazine 8/10.

Coming Soon...

Soon, myself and Brittany will be realesing our Debut issue of Gucci Magazine, Gucci; The Funhouse Edition, so check this space!

More Magazines to look out for
-Fierce/December Issue
-MODE Magazine
-Colour Gloss Magazine/December Issue
-DONNA Magazine/ Decemeber Issue

Sorry for the lack of posts!

Hey all!
REALLy sorry for my lack of posts.

There has been no spoilers, and I have been busy cramming for my last exam!
So I thought I'd just tell you I am now writing a blog of a friend of mines.
Bitten and Bound

Check it out!

The Inner Beauty Awards Nominees!

Hey everyone!
This was I really hard choice to make, which is why I asked four of my friends to say who they thought should go through! After talking it through, here are who we think deserved to be nominated!

Best Male Role Model: John2_el_mejor, Tylerisbold, Danger.11
Best Female Role Model: MissMackenzie07, Hunigall, Farahhh.
Best Club: TheRealSA, Addicting, TheBookHouse
Best Blog: underneathstardoll, TheStardollFreakshow, Art-Roger
The Most Inspirational Person: TheRealSA, Hunnigall, AskJeeves.
The Greatest Achievement: MissMackenzie07, Hunigall, Bluegreen86
The Inner Beauty Award: i_luvsports, pengi223, hottpink12

To vote click HERE

Mack x



Her suite, MeDoll and presentation as fabulous!
Check her out by clicking here!

From the Lush to to WFT...



This will be a new part of the blog ;D
Every day someone new will be featured, and it is your job as readers to visit them ;D

Todays Featurette Is...

Her suit is just STUNNING, with a hint of humour ;D

So to visit her by clicking HERE

Mack x

Being a bit lazy...

...but hey!
I wrote this months ago, and thought I'd share it with you guys!

How To Get A Visitor Every Minute.

Hello! A lot of people ask me to visit their page, and I have always wondered why it matters so much for people to have lots of people visit them. I think I have finnaly worked it out.

The More Visitors You Have, The More 'Popular' You Are.

Strange in my mind, but still understandable. So I decided to write my Top 5 Tips to get more visitors on your page!

1. Broadcast - This is obviously for Superstars, but it works. It will boost your username into the Stardoll world without you even having to do much work.

2. Visit, Comment, Rate - Simple. Especially for Non Superstar, use the broadcast system to your advantage! Click on every person possible, tell them what you think of their sceneries, doll, almub (preferably good comments!) whatever!

3. Make Friends - Another easy one, but word of waring: DON'T send Blank Message or 'Hi' friends requests, most will get denied. Be unique, say something interesting, make yourself sound asthough you are a good friend! But no 'fake' compliments, people can usually see straight through them.

4. Join Clubs - Don't join so many that you have 1000's of them in your list, but join a fair few. And ONLY join ones that you are actually interested in! Look at your friends Club List, usually you can find the best ones there!

5. Try To Get Your Name More Well Known - Whether it's getting into Stardoll Magazine, a well known Blog, Winning a Contest, whatever! But DON'T get a bad reputation! That will get you attention for ALL the wrong reasons.

Me & My Ipod...

...are completly inseparable! I am literally addcited to music!
So, on that subject, here is my Shuffel Playlist.

1. Nothing but the Girl - Alexandra Burke
2. Music Again - Adam Lambert ♥
3. Where is Your Boy Tonight - Fall Out Boy ♥
4. Last of the English Roses - Peter Doherty
5. Beat Again(Live Cover) - Little Boots
6. Fingerprints - Katy Perry
7. Gangsta's Paradise - Coolio ✘
8. Break My Heart - Hilary Duff
9. The Importance of Being Idol - Oasis
10. Cowboy Casanova - Carrie Underwood
11. Lies - The Saturdays
12. What You Got - Colby O'Donic ft Akon
13. You've Lost That Loving Feelin' - The Flying Pickets ✘
14. My Hands - Leona Lewis
15. Disapear - Beyonce

♥ - mean J'adore!

So there it is ;D
If you wanna make your own just turn of your iPod or MP3 and press 'Shuffel'
Why not write yours in the comments section?

If anyone does I will post here♥

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