Tips for... becoming covergirl!

EVERYONE wants to be covergirl! So here are my Top 5 Tips for becoming Covergirl!
Note; this obviously won’t work on your first day! It will take weeks, even months! It might not even happen. But be patient. You will make a lot of good friends in the mean time!

1. Comment, Comment, Comment!
I can’t stress this enough! The best way to get people to your page is by visiting them and leaving nice comments! Tell them what you think of their Suite, MeDoll, and Sceneries, even vote THEM covergirl! But make sure not to be insincere. People will see through it, and will most likely just ignore you.

2. DON’T ask strangers to vote for you!
This is another BIG one. There is NOTHING more annoying than someone sending you a GB message or friends request asking you to vote them covergirl. If you want to ask people, ask your close friends in a nice PERSONAL message, or broadcast.

3. DON’T bribe!
Why would you want to win because people are greedy? In my opinion winning by bribing isn’t winning at all. And there is a lot of risk in this. You could just get people telling you they vote, but not actually doing it. And if you do win, you can get people accusing you of giving the prize to your own account. Plus, I know nearly all of my friends get sick of all these people bribing and purposely don’t vote those who bribe. So to sum up, please don’t do it!

4. Take care in your MeDoll AND Suite!
Remember when people visit you they don’t just vote straight away! They usually take a look round your ‘House’ and see what type of clothes/rooms you have. And if they aren’t impressed, they don’t vote! Simple! I know this can be a hard one fro Non SS, or even SS with a little amount of money. But trust me, with all the freebies and cheap items you can collect around Stardoll, and a little bit of originality and imagination, your efforts WILL come through!

5. Know when you deserve it.
This is my biggest problem with most people who ask me to vote them. If you have only been on Stardoll for a few weeks or months, you aren’t very likely to get voted. Why? Because there are some members that have been on for YEARS and have never even been recognised never mind Covergirl, and when they see people with say 200 Starpoints saying it is their dream for Covergirl, it will get them annoyed. I would say stick around on Stardoll for about a year before attempting it. Make true friends, build a club or two. And by the time you start trying, you will find there are plenty of people who want to see you succeed!

Well, I hope this helps a few people, and good luck!
Mack x

2 Response to Tips for... becoming covergirl!

13 December 2009 at 20:11

I actually have no want to become covergirl at the moment.

Also when people ask me to vote them in friend requests it really does annoy the heck out of me. I mean, just take 3 minutes to get to know me and I'll be more applicable to vote you.

Oh and bribes! Seriously. The people only want your prize!


14 December 2009 at 08:10

Totally agreee with ADJAJA/Anna. They request you saying "Vote me 5/5" Seriously. And if they request me it means they didn't even read my presentation since I ask people not to Friend Request me. So, why would I vote someone CoverGirl of they won't even read my presentation? Stupids!

And bribes get my goat.

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