My LE Review

Hey everyone! This is my review of the latest LE collection. I am only going to review the clothes items, but I will pick out my favourite bags & shoes aswell.

1. Studded Feather Dress
I love the ruffels on this, very Showgirl, but classy. But for me this dress is just too long to be flattering. I wish it had been cut off just above the knee, and then it could have been my favourite dress in the whole collection!

2. Ultimate Part Dress
Personally, I am't that fond of this dress. There is something almost armour like to it, and the one shoulder just doesn't work. I think if the dress had been sequined rather than tiled, and without the one shoulder, it could've been fantastic.

3. Silver Feather Dress
I adore this! Very Gladiator, if you get what I mean, but still girly. And the detail is simply stunning.

4. Runway Tee
My favourite tee from the collection. Sort of like one of thatgirlsophy's designs. Stylish yet casual. Love. It.

5. Sara Leggins
Nothing special. Not very flattering. I do like the sequin effect, but somehow I just don't think it works.

6. Lara Laced Body Con
I like this. Not love, but like. It is a modern spin on the Little Black Dress. Nice.

7. Lily Studded Vest
LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. It's very rock chick. Very glam. I love how it is inspired by a waistcoat, but is actually a top... If that makes sense? Anyway, LOVE.

8. Midnight Draped Dress
I do like this. The ruffel and ribbon detail is very nice, but it isn't a very 'Young' dress, if you see what I mean. Pretty.

9. Blue Star Dress
I think this is one of the more 'Teen' dresses. By that I mean it seems aimed at a lot younger market. It's nice, but I wish it was a luttle shorter.

10. Floral Sweater Dress
J'adore! It's gorgeous. I love the pattern, and the length is perfect. Not too casual, not too smart. Love.

11. Padded Chain Link Dress
It's nice. A slight variation of the LBD. It's like a blank canvas almost, as in it is nice and plain to give room for accessories ect. A great dress for those creative types.

12. Sheer Tatoo Rose Tee
Not very imaginative, I muust say. Nice enough, although I amn't a big fan of see through clothing. Again, to me this seems more a young teen type of top.

13. Fun Girls Dress
I think it says it all in the name. Cute, girly. Adore the colour and the pockets. Love ;)

Please comment on this post and say whether you would like me to continue with a part two tommorow!

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18 December 2009 at 18:07

i like this le collection, even though i dont own any of those items.but my favourite's are 3,7,10 and 13!! and i would totaly like you to review part 2 :D

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