Incase you DIDN'T know...

Hey all! Sorry I havn't posted for a few days, have been busy celebrating end of exams/christmas shopping! Anyways, I thought I would just do a post on all the things that have happened that I thought were too 'obvious' to post about.

Yes, it has happened. Eternity Magazine is back and it is promising to be better than ever. For Stardoll Newbies, Eternity was one of Stardoll's 'Must Have' magazines in 2008. With a total of 5 issues, Eternity was last released in November 2008. Now, just over a year later, Eternity has made it's come back, but a few changes in staff, which has caused let's say a little contraversy, and I believe is actually the source of the recent Haus of Sin breakup. Well, December is coming to an end and with still no realese date, I am not sure whether to be excited for the E Comeback or not. Magazines like Fierce have really stepped up the SD Magazine industry, and while E was amazing in it's day, I am not sure if it will be improved enough to keep up with today's high standard.

New Beginings
This past few months has seen a lot of comeback and opening in the Stardoll world. With much loved oldies like Perez showing their faces in the blogging world, and E in the magazine, there has also been a few break throughs. Cosmic Fever of Stardoll is my new favourite blog, created by a few of my favourite people on Stardoll (MadWorld and Star_Awards to name a few) this blog was set out to be a success from the go! Another blog that was set to be a succes was Haus of Sin. Unfortunately, over the past few days, the blog has kinda went Meltdown, and it looks like two of the three founders are gone. It is a pitty, but if I am bruttally honest I think Alice (Hunnigall) will survive, as her other blogs and her magazine is going swimingly well, and she didn't really need HOS in the first place. Chace however seems to have came off badly in this, with most people seeming to be taking Mia's side. I don't want to judge since I honestly don't know any of them that well. I just feel bad this argument has been splashed across the SD world, because maybe if it hadn't they could have worked it out. Pitty.

Christmas Time Baby!
And Stardoll is sucking up BIG TIME. With some of the best clothes I have seen in a long time, the Design Comp and the new 'Parties' feauture being released, Stardoll is trying to make up for the whole '1sd' massacar. But can they be forgiven that easily? No chance. With all the Calender Items getting severly messed up, and what seems to be a load of bullshit about how they are trying to stop bullying, SD is digging themselves a mighty hole. I know I sound a bit harsh, but from experience I know Stardoll has a VERY lapse attidtude towards bullying, and I for one am pretty sick of it.

May add more later. Am V tired and should be sleeping!

Kisses, Mack x

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13 December 2009 at 04:10

A great piece of writing. :D

13 December 2009 at 17:01

Cosmic Fever is awesome. I love the whole "futuristic" look. It's great

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