I asked, you talked...

And I am hoping I listened correctly!

But first, some rambelings from Mackenzie ;D
I was thinking, why does everyone want a popular blog? Then it hit me, like a frisbee hitting an old lady (I sincerely apologize, I just finished watching Russel Howards Good News and am a little hyped). Having a powerful blog means power. Look at a blog like Perez. Getting featured on there pretty much guarentees some form of popularity. The problem with that? None, until you look at the people who get featured. The Elites. These are people who have already been recognised for their 'brillance'. Now, I have to hand it to Dan, he has feautured a few non-elites and gave credit where credit is due. But most of the blogs don't. Most seem to feature the same people or the same blogs every day. It's like an obssession, almost. Anyway, like I was saying, Popular Blog = Power. Because if you own or write for a popular blog, you get to basically pick who will be popular and what will be successful. Just like real life, really.

With that in mind, let's go back to what you guys think! A few of you said 'Gossip' was the way to go, but I have decided against it. 'Gossip' usually leads to bitching, and I really don't want to be that type of person, so no. No gossip.

There will be a lot of me in the blog. Makes sense, I know, but I will be letting you guys see what I like outside of SD (Music, Art, Ect) so watch out ;D I will also show you the spoilers I like. I guess in a way it is selfish, but if you want all of them you can go to Underneath Stardoll. I wil also be doing Guides to Stardoll, how to spend your money wisely, ect.

Well, I feel a bit sick atm which is a sign of looking at the laptop for too long, so I'm off.
Bye bye ;D

2 Response to I asked, you talked...

14 December 2009 at 17:48

I'm so glad you decided agains gossip. Way to go Mackenzie!

17 December 2009 at 02:38

I think this sounds like a great idea! Nice rant by the way{:

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