Magazine Maddness.

Well, I am sure you all know that over tha past year Magazines have been hitting Stardoll left, right and centre! Nearly everyone on Stardoll seems to be connected to if not own a magazine. So I thought I would talk you through a few of my personal faves, and tell you who I think will be running the SD Magazine Industry in 2010!

Fierce Magazine

If you haven't heard of 'Fierce' yet I have no idea where you have been the last six months! Created by Alice (Hunnigall) and Mika (Mik-Ma), Fierce is not only visually stunning, obviously, but also has some great articles and amazing Covergirls. Fierce is DEFINATELY the magazine to watch for 2010, and I for one can't wait for the Christams/Paris issue due out this December!
Overall, Fierce gets a full on 10/10

Cyanide Magazine

One of the lesser known magazines on Stardoll, but I think it is finally starting to get the recognotion it deserves! With some amazing graphics, great make up tips and a few snappy articles, Cyanide is definately another to watch for the future! I give Cyanide 9/10

Poison Magazine

Another stunning magazine, but with a little extra, Poison is full of bright, bold graphics and great articles! I love Poison as it is fresh, and as the July Cover shows it is definatly not trying to be a copy cat! Poison has had two fantastic issues, and I wish it many many more! I give Poison 10/10

Colour Gloss Magazine
Colour Gloss is Bright, Short and Snappy! Everything a tweeny would want from a Stardoll magazine! With some great graphics, advice and make-up tips, I wish Colour Gloss the best in getting out into the big wide world of Stardoll Magazines and getting to the top. I give Colour Gloss 9/10!
Ps, To See a Spoiler for the December Issue of Colour Gloss, Click HERE

Recherche Magazine

Recherche is definately one of the most consistant SD mags, with 8 great issues, which is more than most! Some of the graphics are stunning, and it definately worth a look. I give Recherche Magazine 8/10.

Coming Soon...

Soon, myself and Brittany will be realesing our Debut issue of Gucci Magazine, Gucci; The Funhouse Edition, so check this space!

More Magazines to look out for
-Fierce/December Issue
-MODE Magazine
-Colour Gloss Magazine/December Issue
-DONNA Magazine/ Decemeber Issue

2 Response to Magazine Maddness.

8 December 2009 at 21:03

Thank you so much for what you wrote about Poison, my magazine. I am in a truly depressed state right now, but reading those comments did bring a smile to my face. I've always put a lot of hard work, time, and enegry into all my different Stardoll projects/businesses - when I see that people really do appreciate it, that means so much more to me than anyone could possible understand.


8 December 2009 at 22:41

I have read Fierce before, as well as cyanide, but never hear of Poison! It sounds like it will soon become my favorite magazine though, I will check it out soon! I love how it focuses on bright colors, rather than the elegant, but sometimes boring, graphics the 'elite' magazines make.

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