The Inner Beauty Awards Nominees!

Hey everyone!
This was I really hard choice to make, which is why I asked four of my friends to say who they thought should go through! After talking it through, here are who we think deserved to be nominated!

Best Male Role Model: John2_el_mejor, Tylerisbold, Danger.11
Best Female Role Model: MissMackenzie07, Hunigall, Farahhh.
Best Club: TheRealSA, Addicting, TheBookHouse
Best Blog: underneathstardoll, TheStardollFreakshow, Art-Roger
The Most Inspirational Person: TheRealSA, Hunnigall, AskJeeves.
The Greatest Achievement: MissMackenzie07, Hunigall, Bluegreen86
The Inner Beauty Award: i_luvsports, pengi223, hottpink12

To vote click HERE

Mack x

2 Response to The Inner Beauty Awards Nominees!

5 December 2009 at 21:34

Congrats everyone!

7 December 2009 at 02:30

thanx for including our blog...

...xoxo MSM

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