Hey everyone!
This is my second Fashion Evaluation, so let me know if you want me to continue them!

1. Hotbuys Silver Dress (RIO)
It's alright. Very simple. And much like a few LE dresses, the length is too long to be flattering.

2. Hotbuys Purse (PRETTY IN PINK)
I'm not a very big fan of any of the Hotbuys purses tbh. It's quite Christmas-y, little late Stardoll, don't you think?

3. Hotbuys Shoes (VOILE)
I love these!Stardoll has got so much better at shoes recently! I used to hate most of the shoes on Stardoll, but these show that Stardoll has been improving, in one area at least LOL.

4. Hotbuys Tights (EVIL PANDA)
They're nice to look at, but I really can't imagine any outfits... If anyone has any ideas say below ;D

5. Hotbuys Coat (BISOU)
I adore this! Perfect winter Jacket! I wish this was released last month though, in time for Christmas!

6. Hotbuys Dress (BISOU)
I like this. The shape is quite nice, and the pattern is cute.

7. Hotbuys Cardiganv(PRETTY IN PINK)
I love this! Very pretty!

8. Hotbuys Top (FUDGE)
Simple. Cute.

9. Hotbuys Braclet (VOILE)
Like this. A bit out there but I like it!

10. Hotbuys Wrap (RIO)
Hmm. I bit too... Elite? If that makes sense.

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29 December 2009 at 22:22

I love the coat also; everything is gorgeous about it!

Also I can't think of an outfit with the Hotbuys Tights either...Sorry.

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