Being a bit lazy...

...but hey!
I wrote this months ago, and thought I'd share it with you guys!

How To Get A Visitor Every Minute.

Hello! A lot of people ask me to visit their page, and I have always wondered why it matters so much for people to have lots of people visit them. I think I have finnaly worked it out.

The More Visitors You Have, The More 'Popular' You Are.

Strange in my mind, but still understandable. So I decided to write my Top 5 Tips to get more visitors on your page!

1. Broadcast - This is obviously for Superstars, but it works. It will boost your username into the Stardoll world without you even having to do much work.

2. Visit, Comment, Rate - Simple. Especially for Non Superstar, use the broadcast system to your advantage! Click on every person possible, tell them what you think of their sceneries, doll, almub (preferably good comments!) whatever!

3. Make Friends - Another easy one, but word of waring: DON'T send Blank Message or 'Hi' friends requests, most will get denied. Be unique, say something interesting, make yourself sound asthough you are a good friend! But no 'fake' compliments, people can usually see straight through them.

4. Join Clubs - Don't join so many that you have 1000's of them in your list, but join a fair few. And ONLY join ones that you are actually interested in! Look at your friends Club List, usually you can find the best ones there!

5. Try To Get Your Name More Well Known - Whether it's getting into Stardoll Magazine, a well known Blog, Winning a Contest, whatever! But DON'T get a bad reputation! That will get you attention for ALL the wrong reasons.

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4 December 2009 at 01:00

Thanks, this is pretty cool!

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