New Year, New Decade, New IB Awards.

Hello everyone!
How have you all been!

Before the new year, I asked you to tell me what would make the awards better. And you all seemed to agree that we needed more awards for different things. And that is what you have!

After dicussing it with a few friends, and thinking it over myself, we now have a total of 15 Inner Beauty Awards, that are split into two catogories.

First Catogory - You Nominate
There are ten awards YOU can nominate for;

The Best Female Role Model Award –
The Best Male Role Model Award –
The Most Inspirational Person Award –
The Most Creative MeDoll and Outfits Award –
The Most Original Suite Award –
The Most Creative Scenery Maker Award –
The Most Creative Non-Superstar -
The Most Dedicated Club Owner Award –
The Most Dedicated Blog Award –
The Inner Beauty Award –

To nominate go to the 'Nominate Here' Topic in the club by clicking HERE

The Second Catogory - Nominate Yourself
This catogory has Five awards.
The Best Song Writer
The Most Creative Story
The Best Make Over
The Best Graphic Designer
The Best Magazine

These awards you can put yourself up for by going to the The_IB_Awards ACCOUNT and adding her. More information will be coming soon on her presentation.

To Visit her click HERE

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4 January 2010 at 02:36

I'm confused on the part where you can nominate yourself, but I guess I will see on her presentation. :]

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